What Luck?

What is luck?  Is there even such a thing?  We are always hearing in poker “He got lucky on me”, or “I have been unlucky”, “I sucked out”, “I can’t hit a flush to save my life” “I always lose AK, I have no luck with that hand”, “I’m on a heater”.   “Luck” abounds all over the poker room floor, and in life in general too I guess.   But is it even real?   Can someone ever, actually, be “lucky”…. like, before the fact happens?  And if so, how?   Or is luck just something that we can figure out AFTER the fact; more like the “lucky” one is only the one on the right side of the math variance in that particular, or a set of particular, situation/s/; the “unlucky” one on the wrong side.   Variance, in poker, can most surely seem cruel and can feel like you are on the short end of the stick for a fairly extended period of time.   Haha, I know, as I’m in the midst of just such a period of time currently.   It’s hard not to think of yourself as “unlucky” whilst in the middle of one of these streaks.   The trick is keeping your head looking in the correct directions and, as much as possible, to stick to your “A” game.  But does that mean to play the hands the same way you would play them in the middle of a “good” run?    The caveat here, is things actually DO change a bit, as, although the actuality of luck may be just a distortion of the reality of variance, the PERCEPTION of luck is what really matters here, at least as far as playing poker is concerned.   When you are running bad, for instance, and it’s KNOWN, i.e., the table has seen you running bad, then, although just on the “wrong” side of variance for the moment, you are perceived as being unlucky and this CAN actually change the way you would want to play a particular hand.  So, although the trick IS to stick to your “A” game, that “A” game strategy could change slightly and have to be adjusted according to the perception of you running bad, or being unlucky. This is, in essence, about “Table Image” and adjusting your game to what that image is……  So, although I don’t really believe in “luck”, per se, I most definitely want to keep my mind toward the pulse of what others are perceiving in regards to “luck” and adjust accordingly,   Thus, and in ending, “luck” is both real, and not real, all at the same time.   Good LUCK on the felt, and in life!!

Preparing For Launch

Well, I have one week to go before I head out into the unknown.  And it’s getting complicated.   It’s one thing to minimalize a little bit, it’s a whole other level to do it to the extent to fit everything into a van.  I have a long way to go and it’s going to be a tough week.   It’s absolutely amazing (and very overwhelming) how much stuff we collect over the years.   And comparing the stuff we have, to what we actually use, is mind-blowing. Most of this stuff, that I go over and over and try to figure out what to do with, is things I haven’t used for months or years…..or ever.   What a waste of time! Why do we think we need all of these things?  I think I must buy things just to buy them. I was hoping to get some pictures of my simple van set-up, but it’s too much of a mess right now as I have been just throwing everything in there I think I need, then when I get through my things in here I will go out there and organize all of it (still more than I need probably). Ok as I continue my “fight” with “stuff” today, I will leave off with a few lyrics from what is becoming my theme song this week.

From Frightened Rabbit’s “Things”:

“Well here’s the evidence, of human existence. A splitting binbag next to two damp boxes and I cannot find a name for them, they hardly show that I have lived. And the dust it settles on these things, displays my age again, like a new skin made from old skin that had barely been lived in — I didn’t need these things, I didn’t need them, oh…..”

Peace, and peace, -Brock


A More Authentic Life?

I want to live a more authentic life, so I have decided to move into a van.   Will this bring about a more authentic existence?   I have no idea, but I aim to find out.  What I do know, however, is that the life I have been living does not feel very authentic.   It feels like a life based around accumulating “stuff”.  A life out of tune with the rhythms of nature, the ebb and flow and movement of the earth.   A life Super connected to and by electronics and internet connections, but seemingly missing some other vital connections because of it; a connection to people, to animals, to trees and dirt, to stars. I want to unplug in a sense, and plug into stars!    How will moving into a van possibly change and/or rearrange some of these connections?  Well, I guess that’s one of the things I hope this blog to be about, so, I’ll let you know when I figure it out.   I do know that when I have traveled in the past I have always felt more connected to the things that feel more authentic to me.   I don’t know exactly how to describe it; just “Closer” I guess, lighter. More spontaneous and in the moment.  More, …um, open.    I hope to gain some insight as I travel around the country in my van playing poker (oh yea, did I mention, I play poker for a living…….., so that might be a whole other “can of worms” in this whole authentic life stuff, but I’ll have to figure that out too I guess).


And there is is, my first blog post!!   I hope to blog about this adventure a couple of times a week, and maybe more (as of now I am thinking Thursdays and Mondays and maybe some weekends) and the plan is to basically divide it into three categories, Vandwelling, Poker, and Life (thus the blog name).  This first one would fall under the “Life” category.   Thanks, and peace, and love, and more peace.  -Brock